Waverley Electrics Make Sociability Run

Waverly Sociability Run

For a 40-mile run in the country, would you choose an electric?

It may seem incredible, yet more than a score of otherwise sane and sensible people dwelling in Indianapolis, Ind. did that very thing the other day and lived to tell the tale.

Half a score of Waverley electrics, driven by their owners, gathered in front of the Waverley salesroom on Meredian street, and faced the camera before starting on their unheard-of expedition.

The goal of the expedition was Mooresville, a thriving little city some 20 miles southwest of the Hoosier capital, and the idea of it originated with the Waverley management as a part of their new policy of educating Waverley owners to make wider and more general use of their cars.

The use of electrics on country roads has been restricted by a certain timidity on the part of owners who have accepted the designation of the electric as a town car too literally and regarded it as an actual limitation of its usefulness to city streets.

For this reason the new Waverley management has inaugurated a series of sociability runs to various popular motorists’ resorts within easy reach of Indianapolis.

This first round trip of 40 miles was made without a hitch in the schedule. The cars were driven on third speed—a comfortable jog of about 15 miles an hour. No provision was made for charging on the way and none was needed, as all the cars returned with ample current in their batteries for a much longer trip.

Published in Electric Vehicles, Vol. VI, No. 6, June, 1915

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