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To Philadelphia and Return in an Electric Automobile

BY C. M. MARSH Originally Published in Central Station – December, 1914 Mr. Frank T. Kalas, Washington manager of the Electric Storage Battery Co., Mr. E. S. Marlow, manager of the Commercial Department, and the writer, all of us members

1916 New York Sociability Run & California Beardsley Electric Tour

Beardsley Electric Tour – April 15, 1916 The Lure of the Open Road – Californians Open the Touring Season So long has the electric vehicle been considered as only a town car that its worth for country tours has been

August, 1914 – The Goodrich

Rare Photo of 1914 Electric Sociability Run in Washington, DCThe following image is one of only three photographs that have been found of the first Electric Vehicle Sociability Run held in Washington, DC on May 27, 1914. The photo, accompanied

1915 Electric Sociability Run Route Through DC

 Time lapse of four cars driving the route on May 26, 2015. Video by @CutTheNozzle This is the probable route of the 1915 Electric Sociability Run adapted for current roads. This route was determined from researching the descriptions given

1915 Sociability Run Group Photos

The Washington Times, Saturday, May 29, 1915, Page 6 The Sociability Run Offered Convincing Proof That the Electric Is the Ideal Pleasure Car

May 30, 1914 Washington Times

The Washington Times, Saturday, May 30, 1914, Page 4 ONE OF WASHINGTON’S FAIR MOTORISTS Mrs. R.B. Emerson Who Drives an Electric Brougham Skillfully. In This Machine She Won the Electric Sociability run This Week.

May 28, 1914 Washington Herald

The Washington Herald, May 28, 1914, page 5 MRS. EMERSON WINS THE SOCIABILITY RUN Covers Course in One Hour, Fifteen Minutes and Thirty Seconds, Exact Time Secretly Set.

May 28, 1914 Evening Star

The Evening Star, Thursday, May 28, 1914 page 24 MRS. EMERSON WINS SOCIABILITY CONTEST First Auto Run Ever Held Here Participated in Exclusively by Electrics Mrs. McKay Gets Second Prize — Officials Delighted With Success of Event.

May 28, 1914 Washington Post

  The Washington Post, Thursday, May 28, 1914 Page 2 MAKES TIME EXACTLY Mrs. R.B. Emerson Winner of Electric Motor Car Run. MRS. MABEL M’KAY IS SECOND Fifty-Four Cars Listed, of Which More Than Three-Fourths Were Driven by Women —

May 27, 1914 Washington, DC Sociability Run in the News

The Washington Post, Wednesday, May 27, 1914 Page 12 “ELECTRIC” CONTEST TODAY * The Evening Star, Wednesday, May 27, 1914 Page 24 FIRST RUN IS BEING HELD OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES * The Washington Herald, Wednesday, May 27, 1914 Page 5