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1914 Electric Sociability Run Route Through DC

This is my determination of the probable route of the 1914 Electric Sociability Run adapted for current roads. This route was deduced from piecing together the route descriptions given in several contemporaneous newspaper accounts. The road around the Tidal Basin

1914 Map of West Virginia – Jefferson County

1914 Map of West Virginia centered on Jefferson County in the Eastern Panhandle click for interactive map

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Indianapolis Electric Car Outings

Electric cars have long suffered from the perception that they are only practical and useful for trips around town. A hundred years ago when electric vehicles were competing for dominance with petroleum fueled cars, electric car sellers were eager to

Washington Star May 31 1914

Washington Star May 31, 1914, pg 7

Ad in Sunday Star May 23 1915

The Washington Sunday Star, May 23, 1915, pg 9

Educational Wave of Sociability Runs

The Value of Systematized Tours for Creating Public Confidence in the Electric for Long Distance Performance BY A. JACKSON MARSHALL Secretary, Electric Vehicle Association of America. September, 1915 – ELECTRIC VEHICLES magazine Vol. VII, Number 3 WHEN we hear repeatedly

Waverley Electrics Make Sociability Run

For a 40-mile run in the country, would you choose an electric? It may seem incredible, yet more than a score of otherwise sane and sensible people dwelling in Indianapolis, Ind. did that very thing the other day and lived

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First Electric Vehicle to Mt. Vernon

1915 Rauch and Lang Makes Tour to the Historic Homestead of George Washington The first electric vehicle to visit Mt. Vernon, the historic home of George Washington, was a Rauch and Lang electric brougham on June 16, 1915. Rauch and

Let the Electric Car Serve You

FOR ELECTRIC CAR OWNERS Sociability Run, May 26, 1915 The second annual electric automobile sociability run, under the auspices of the Washington section of the Electric Vehicle Association of America, will be held Wednesday Afternoon, May 26, 1915, starting at

EV Charging Map of Lincoln Hwy

Click the map above and zoom in to see the electric vehicle charging stations along the coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway in 1914. This map was produced by the Electric Vehicle Association of America. Some of the charging stations of the period