Let the Electric Car Serve You

1915-05-16 Let the Electric Car Serve You
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Sociability Run, May 26, 1915

The second annual electric automobile sociability run, under the auspices of the Washington section of the Electric Vehicle Association of America, will be held Wednesday Afternoon, May 26, 1915, starting at Four o’clock.


The elapsed time of all cars competing will be taken, then added together, and those closest to the average time consumed in making the run will he declared the prize winners.

The course will be twelve and one-half miles long, finishing at the lower point, in Potomac park, where luncheon will be served to all participants.

Full particulars and the rules governing the contest can he obtained by calling Mr. Marsh, Main 7260, or any of the dealers listed below.

Let the Electric Car Serve You

It will give more reliable more extensive more satisfactory service at less cost than any other type of automobile. The Electric is the real all-year-round, every-day-in-the-week car. Winter or summer it is equally adaptable and efficient. Its mechanism is simple, insuring minimum repair bills. Besides its saving in repair, adjustment and replacement bills it saves also in operative costs for electricity costs less than any other power for propelling automobiles. And electric power is by far the most preferable power, for it is absolutely continuous there are no intervals between explosions as in other types.

An Electric will carry you more miles per charge than you usually care to go and at a speed greater than is permissible by law. Statistics covering in numerable cases and gathered over a period of years show that the Electric is Capable of 98% of all motoring trips ordinarily undertaken. A feature of the Electric especially gratifying to those who have owned and driven other types of automobiles is its silence and smoothness. Then, too, with an Electric you have no smoke or fumes–ho grease no dust no vibration no ignition trouble no carburetor disorders no over-powerful engine racking and jarring it and in winter you are never bothered and delayed by frozen radiator or chilled cylinders. A fact that is interesting and enlightening to all who are contemplating buying an automobile is that a large number of present Electric car owners formerly drove other types of cars. These state that the maintenance of an Electric runs much less than the amount of their former bills.

As a family car the Electric has no rivals. Its ease of operation the safety and security of its control – make it a car that your mother, sister and daughter can drive with dexterity and the utmost precision. And with an Electric there’s no need for a chauffeur nor do the feminine members of your household have to make their plans for going out accord with your convenience for driving them. – Not only in the pleasure car field, but also in commercial lines is the Electric daily demonstrating its greater fitness and economy. For big business and small shops the Electric is rapidly becoming recognized as superior. Electric car owners in Washington are particularly fortunate because of the low rate offered by the Potomac Electric Power Company for battery charging. At your convenience any day any time we will be glad to give you a demonstration of the particular fitness of the Electric for your use.

Baker Electrics
1138-40 Connecticut Ave.
Tel. North 7810

Detroit Electrics
1407 H St. N. W.
Tel. Main 7695

Ohio Electrics
1226 Connecticut Ave.
Tel. North 2000

Rauch & Lang Electrics
New Hampshire Ave. and M. St.
Tel., West 458

Milburn Electrics
1226 Connecticut Ave.
Tel. North 2000

Potomac Electric Power Co., Cor. 14th and C Sts. N. W.
Furnishes Electricity for Automobile Charging

From: The Washington Post, May 16, 1915 pg. E16