NY Sociability Run for Electrics

Central Park to Siwanoy Club – May 19, 1916


Upper Left – Cars at Electric and in Front of the Detroit Branch. Lower Left and Upper Right – At the Siwanoy Club. Lower Right – Entering the Siwanoy Grounds. Center – Attractive Mrs. Olivia W. Smith.

With 42 cars competing the Sociability Run and secret time contest for electric pleasure automobiles, held under the auspices of the New York Electric Vehicle Association, on May 19, was pronounced by all those who participated a decidely enjoyable and successful event.

The day was ideal for the run, which was from the Electric Garage at Central Park West and 62nd Street to the Siwanoy Club in Bronxville, a distance of 19 miles. The 42 cars entered, left the garage between 2:30 and 3 o’clock, being driven by their pilots over a previously outlined course to the Siwanoy Club, where they arrived safely between 4 and 4:30.

Only ladies were entered in the secret-time contest, which consisted of an attempt on the part of the contestants to cover the course in, or as nearly as possible in, a previously determined secret time. The prize was won by Mrs. W. H. Jacobus, who drove a Baker brougham, in which were her daughter and a friend, over the course in one hour and 24 minutes, the secret time being one hour, 23 minutes and 30 seconds. At the Siwanoy Club, Mrs. Walter Neumuller, the hostess, poured tea. The average running time for all cars over the course was one hour, 23 minutes and 20 seconds, and the various makes entered were Baker, Rauch and Lang, Detroit and Milburn.

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