August, 1914 – The Goodrich

Rare Photo of 1914 Electric Sociability Run in Washington, DC
The following image is one of only three photographs that have been found of the first Electric Vehicle Sociability Run held in Washington, DC on May 27, 1914. The photo, accompanied by a short article, was published in the August, 1914 issue of The Goodrich, a monthly magazine published by the B. F. Goodrich Company to promote their tire brand.


The photograph displayed below appeared in several automobile journals in June, 1914 that reported on the success of the Washington Electric Vehicle Sociability Run. This photo looks to have been taken at the same location as the newly discovered photo above which is believed to be Klingle Ford on Rock Creek near the National Zoo. It is difficult to tell if the car shown exiting the water above is the same car shown entering the ford below.


The image below was also published in news stories immediately after the 1914 event. It is thought to show the electric cars parked along Beach Drive at Joaquin Miller Cabin in Rock Creek Park.


Here is the full article with the photo as it appeared in The Goodrich.

ESR article The Goodrich

Sociability Run in Washington, D. C.
The first Electric Automobile Sociability run, under the auspices of the Washington section of the Electric Vehicle Association, was held in May. Fifty-four cars were entered — all electrics. The fourteen-mile course was laid out from the main entrance to the Smithsonian Institute through the Speedway and Rock Creek Park, the finish being made at the Joaquin Miller Cabin, where a basket luncheon was served. The run was a sealed time affair, each contestant endeavoring to cover the fourteen miles, observing all traffic and speed regulations within a secret time selected by a prominent government official. The course was covered in one hour, fifteen minutes and thirty seconds.