EVAA Washington Section Activities – September, 1915

The Electric Vehicle Association of America, Activities of the Washington Section
September, 1915 – ELECTRIC VEHICLES magazine Vol. VII, Number 3

The Washington section, having a membership of 38, has held, since October 1, 1914, seven technical meetings with an average attendance of 10 members and guests. Beginning with November, 1914, it was considered desirable to replace the lunch meetings with an informal party. Since that time we have had six parties with an average attendance of 30 members and guests.

We have been exceptionally successful in securing speakers to address the technical meetings. Having adopted the policy of having one talk on a subject of particular interest to the members of the association followed by an address, illustrated if possible, on some subject of more general interest, for these latter talks we have secured a number of experts from the different departments in the Government, such as the office of public roads.

A great deal of interest has been manifested both in the business meetings and the social gatherings. We have thus been able to secure a more intimate acquaintance between the various men interested in the electric vehicle and other allied industries. We have been quite successful in arousing interest among the users of cars, as well as among those interested in their sale, having several truck users who regularly attend our meetings.

In May the second annual sociability run was promoted. It was a marked success, having fifty entries. With one or two exceptions all of the cars entered actually participated in the run.

Through the work of the publicity committee, and the co-operation of the local newspapers, we have published a number of electric vehicle sections in the daily papers, in each instance two pages being devoted to electric vehicle matters, about half of the space being advertising and the balance news items. The section has also published several half-page co-operative advertisements in connection with the sociability run.