1914 Sociability Run Participants


Participants in the First Electric Automobile Sociability Run in Washington, DC as reported in The Washington Times, 5-27-1914 and The Washington Post, 5-28-1914

Winner: Mrs. R. Bruce Emerson in a Detroit Electric Brougham; time, 1h, 15m, 30s
Second: Mrs. Mabel McKay in a Detroit Electric; time, 1h, 15m, 22s
Third: W.R. (Dad) Emerson in a Detroit Electric Runabout; time, 1h, 15m, 40s
Fourth: Mrs. James W. Orme in a Detroit Electric
Fifth: Cook & Stoddard Co. entry in a Baker Electric

1914 Electric Sociability Run participants:

Participant Car
1 Mrs. R. Bruce Emerson Detroit
2 Mrs. Mabel G. McKay Detroit
3 W.R. Emerson Detroit
4 Mrs. James W. Orme Detroit
5 Cook & Stoddard Co. Baker
6 Mrs. James G. Knox Detroit
7 Miss Louise A. Pattison
8 E.S. Marlow
9 J.A. Demonet Detroit
10 Mrs. C.E. Creecy
11 Mrs. J. Collins
12 John A. Sterrett Detroit
13 Bruce E. Clark
14 George Weaver Baker
15 Mrs. Robert Ponickau Rauch & Lang
16 Miss Hildegarde Portner
17 Mrs. Anna K. May
18 Mrs. James Lansburgh Rauch & Lang
19 A.S. Kidwell
20 Mrs. James K. Jones
21 Mrs. S.S. Prouty
22 Mrs. James J. Lampton
23 Mrs. J.J. Bartram Rauch & Lang
24 Mrs. A.S. Kahlert
25 Mrs. Rufus Hardy
26 George C. Hardesty
27 Mrs. E.H. Pilson
28 Mrs. N.O. Messenger Rauch & Lang
29 Mrs. David M. Lea Studebaker
30 Miss H. Winifred DeWitt Detroit
31 George Mills
32 Mrs. E.T. Taylor
33 Miss Grace Storms
34 M.J. Lawrence
35 Mrs. Henry Vollmer
36 Miss Jeanette Jewel
37 Mrs. William E. Lewis
38 Mrs. C.A. Hawley
39 Miss Pauline Stone
40 Mrs. Alfred Young Rauch & Lang
41 Harry Orme Detroit
42 Arthur Foraker
43 Gardner P. Orme
44 Miss Maizie Baines
45 A.C.P. Shoemaker
46 Miss Gertrude Woodward
47 Mrs. John C. Detweiler Detroit
48 Mrs. M.E. Orme
49 Miss Helen Demonet Detroit
50 Mrs. John E. Osborne
51 Mrs. Gladys Hinckley
52 Mrs. C.R. Erkman Detroit
53 C.M. Marsh Baker
54 Mrs. M.L. Blumenberg

2 Comments on “1914 Sociability Run Participants

  1. Is there a listing of not just the participants but the vehicles involved in the 54-car EV rally of 1914 ? From your website we only gather that there were some Detroit and Baker Electrics. Being 1914, there’d be no Milburns, but given the ads of the day there should have been at least a couple Hupp-Yeats electrics in DC that participated in this rally.

    -Myles Twete

    • Myles,

      We only have a record of the models that the first five winners drove in the 1914 Electric Sociability Run in DC. Most of those were Detroit Electrics with one Baker.

      Fortunately, there is a record of all the cars in the 1915 Electric Sociability Run. They include Baker, Rauch & Lang, Columbia, Milburn, Ohio, Detroit, Studebaker and Waverly. If there were any Hupp-Yeats in Washington at the time, none of them seemed to have participated in the 1915 event.

      We’ll have a full list of participants in the 1915 Sociability Run as well as the cars they drove posted online soon.