May 27, 1914 Washington Herald pg 5

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The Washington Herald, May 27, 1914, page 5
Route Mapped Out Is Through Picturesque Park Section of Washington.

The first sociability run under the auspices of the Electric Vehicle Association of America will start this morning at 11:30 o’clock. All entrants will gather in front of the Smithsonian Institution at 11:15 o’clock.

The run will start in front of the main entrance to the Smithsonian Institution and will proceed west in front of the Old Bureau of Printing and Engraving. South to the river front, east along the new drive In Potomac Park to the end of the point. Thence west along the river front to the North Drive and along this drive to Seventeenth street. North on Seventeenth street to Connecticut avenue. Out Connecticut avenue to the Connecticut avenue entrance of the Zoo Park. Here turn to the right down the hill. At the bottom of the hill turn to the left just before coming to the bridge by the duck pond. If this road is closed on account of the condition of Klingle Ford, leave the park by the old Quarry road entrance; take the first turn to the left after leaving the park and enter Rock Creek Park by Klingle road, turning to the right before crossing the bridge. When you enter Rock Creek Park take the road along the East bank of the Creek to Pierce Mill, then cross the bridge turning sharp to the right around the old mill. Re-cross the creek at Boulder Bridge and follow the road along the East bank until arriving at Miller’s Cabin, where time will be taken and prizes awarded.

A complete list of the entrants follows: Harry A. Orme, M. J. Lawrence, Mrs. John O. Knox, Miss Winnifred De Witt, Mrs. M. E. Orme, Gardner P. Orme, Miss Masie Bames, Miss H. Demonet, Arthur Foraker, Mrs. C. E. Creecy, Mrs. D. M. Lea. Mrs. Mabel G. McKay, Miss J. Jewel, Mrs. James Lansburg, Bruce Clark. A. C. P. Shoemaker, Mrs. William E. Lewis, Mrs. John Detweiler, Mrs. J. E. Osborne, Mrs. A. S. Kahler, Miss Gladys Hinkley, John A. Sterrit, Miss Louise A. Pattison, Mrs. C. A. Hawley, A. S. Kidwell, R. Ponickau, J. J. Bartram, Gertrude Woodward, E. S. Marlow, C. M. Marsh, S. L. Marlow, W. R. Emerson, Mrs. R. B. Emerson, Mrs. J. J. Lampton, Mrs. E. T. Taylor, Mrs. Anna K. May, Miss Hildreth Portner, Mrs. J. Collins, Mrs. C. R. Erkman, Cook & Stoddard Co., George A. Weaver, Mrs. M. O. Messenger, Alfred Young, Mrs. E. H. Pilson, Mrs. E. H. Proutz, M. Grace Storms, Mrs. S. F. Prouty, Mrs. Henry Volmer, Mrs. Rufus Hardy, and George Hardesty.

The following prizes have been donated: Washington section of the Electric Vehicle Association of America, silver picture frame; Emerson & Orme, silver fruit dish; R. McReynolds Sons, cup; J. J. Bartram, electric tea pot; Dupont garage, automobile clock; United States Tire Company, inner tube, and Potomac Electric Power Company, electric chafing dish.

William Jose, of the National Electric Supply Company, will act as starter. Harry Ward and William Ullman will perform the duty of timers at the start, with Howard Fisk, Lenox Chew, and E. J. Black checking the cars in at the finish.

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