Electric Sociability Run-Text

The Washington Post, May 10, 1914
Washington Dealers Plan First Novelty Event
Women Drivers to Compete for First Time in National Capital — Detailed Arrangements Made.

Members of the local branch of the Electric Vehicle Association of America are formulating plans for the first electric vehicle sociability run conducted in this city. It will probably be held the latter part of this month.

Participation in this run will be confined to members of the association and their friends. Entrance fees are to be charged and prizes awarded.

The arrangements for the event are in the hands of a special committee, of which James Orme, of Emerson & Orme, is chairman.

It is the idea of the committee to take advantage of the public parks in the District of Columbia. The start will be made at the Smithsonian Institution and from there the vehicles will proceed through the Mall and Speedway, then to Rock Creek park and finish at Joaquin Miller’s cabin. The committee has in contemplation an arrangement for furnishing each car with a basket lunch. Every effort is being made by the officers of the association to make this sociability run a complete success in every way, so that every one who participates will spend an enjoyable time. Several handsome prizes already have been secured; the plans for the competition for these prizes are now being considered by the committee in charge.

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