2014 WV EV Sociability Run


Electric Vehicle “Sociability Run” 100th Anniversary

Road trip to celebrate the history and future of electric cars.

On Saturday, June 7, 2014, dozens of electric vehicle owners from the Washington, DC area will take a scenic drive to Charles Town, West Virginia — home of fourteen EV charging stations shaded by large solar canopies.  Participants will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first “Electric Sociability Run.” It was an historic event in which 54 electric car owners set out to prove that electric vehicles were capable of being more than a “city car.”

Today, EVs are not just capturing modern imagination, they are making a comeback.  “Enthusiastic drivers of plug-in cars are eager to take road trips,” says Lanny Hartmann, one of the centennial commemoration’s co-organizers.  “This will be the modern version of 1914’s original ‘Electric Sociability Run,’ a gathering to demonstrate the ‘country-running ability’ of electric cars.”

“This historic occasion is happening right in our own backyard,” says Mark Czajka, Director of MD Volt Inc., a Maryland non-profit with close to 200 plug-in electric drivers. “The passion of our members is ‘electric,’ and many of them will be participating in the Sociability Run.” Czajka will be driving his Ford Fusion Energi, stopping at five or six charging stations along the way from Charles County, Maryland. “The electric vehicle charging infrastructure is now in place to make longer trips using only electricity.”

Scott Wilson, another event organizer, who owns a Nissan Leaf adds, “People are discovering that electric cars can be taken on weekend or vacation trips and if more communities like Charles Town put charging stations near ‘Main Street,’ both the drivers and local merchants will benefit.”

“EV charging stations are bringing visitors who drive plug-in vehicles into the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia,” attests Sociability Run co-organizer Rick Rohn of Martinsburg, West Virginia.

This region is demonstrating how we can reach into the future with forward-thinking technologies.  Its impressive solar array at the American Public University System’s campus produces enough energy annually to power electric cars nearly two million miles.  Plenty for a weekend road trip.


•10:00 AM: Arrival and welcome by local dignitaries. Presentations, awards and a DJ.
•Noon:  Excursions to Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry and Hagerstown, Maryland.
•Evening:  Return to Charles Town for dinner at local restaurants.

•9 AM:  Group breakfast at Mountain View Diner before road trip back home.

Ten Waverly Electrics on a 40 mile Sociability Run outside of Indianapolis.
Ten Waverly Electrics on a 40 mile Sociability Run outside of Indianapolis.
Electric car charging under APUS Solar Canopy Parking Lot
Fourteen EV charging stations in the Solar Canopy Parking Lot at APUS in Charles Town, WV